Everyone is getting on board the upcycling train at the minute, it’s great for the environment by reducing waste and it’s really great fun to give something used a new lease of life!

One of the easiest items to upcycle has to be the plain old tin can, you get you beans in them, your soup, but if you don’t want to throw that empty can into the recycling, give it a new purpose… and there really are a bundle of uses that a simple tin can can have!

I recently cooked tea as usual one night and washed the tin out ready to put into the recycling when I thought I might try my hand at a bit of upcycling. I can vouch that it really is lots of fun! And so easy even a non crafter can do it, or a child with some supervision.

To upcycle a tin can you really don’t need many materials, you can use allsorts of bits and bobs and odds and ends you have in the house.

tin can upcycling materials



Turn scrap materials such as offcuts of wallpaper, material, wrapping paper and ribbon into something beautiful.




Tin Can Upcycling


Simply empty your tin can, wash it out and get crafting! I used some craft paper, measured the tin and cut it to size. I used double sided tape along the short edges to stick it to the tin (what could be easier! No gluey mess) Then cut some cotton lace ribbon to size and again used double sided tape to stick it around the top and bottom of the tin… and hey presto! A vase, pencil holder, utensil holder is born!



The possibilities really are endless, I did another one with hessian which I again stuck down with double sided tape:

Rustic upcycled tin can



I added a wooden tag and wedding centrepiece made…! For just a few pence you could have your own rustic wedding centrepieces and table numbers. Cluster a few different sized tins together and create a feature for each table or use with candles to create the perfect rustic wedding table décor.



I could spend so much time on this, but had to curb my enthusiasm in order to get some actual work done. So instead I shall link you to some of my favourite tin can upcycle projects:

threaded tin can



This is a lovely idea using thread to create a heart on a painted tin, very rustic. Find instructions at NorthShore Days





upcycled tin can


Use these larger formula tin cans to make storage tins for your laundry room. Instructions at Mellywood’s Mansion








A fantastic use of tin cans here, turning them into a functional kitchen utensil caddy. Full instructions.






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