Small Changes Big Difference So here we are again at the beginning of a new year, what will this one have in store for us! I saw a good quote whilst perusing Pinterest one night (as I do frequently it’s quite addictive isn’t it!) that said the next 12 months are like a blank page and you have the pen, so write a good one!

I like this, as our life is indeed what we make of it, we make our own decisions and are in control of how it pans out (mostly) and things that do take us by surprise, well how we deal with these really shows what we are made of!

So people talk about New Year’s resolutions and goals, I can’t say that I ever really get into this, I don’t get the urge to join a gym in January or say I will cut down on this or that. But what I can say is this year I am going to make some changes… They aren’t goals that I will never reach or resolutions that I won’t do, (it’s all in the wording you see!)

My 2015 changes! See if some inspire you…

1. Have a to-do book
Being a mum, wife, friend, employee and business owner takes its toll on my poor little brain and sometimes it’s like I have too many tabs open and I can’t focus. I love making lists to try and organise my mind and what I need to get done, but I need a specific book I carry with me, I keep writing lists and losing them – so my change is to have a specific to do list book!

2. Have a happy jar
All too often we can become negative about things and become demotivated and flat, especially when you are working alone on your own little business. So this year I shall have a happy jar, so whenever someone has given me a nice review, said something nice, or I have achieved something I am proud of in my business, I shall write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the happy jar as a pick me up ready for those negative days.

3. Keep a tidy desk
Me and hubby have recently had a good clear out of both of our work desks and whenever I do it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! A tidy desk to me equals more of a tidy mind and makes it far more easy to work and much more motivating. So my change is to keep it tidy!

4. Keep on top of my paperwork
As a relatively new small business I have not been the best at keeping on top of my paperwork, this is all going to change this year… the tidy desk one certainly aids this!

5. Be better at time management
I am quite a good procrastinator if I’m brutally honest with myself and too often over think things, over complicate things and put things off. So my change is to spend at least 10 minutes a day on ticking something off my to do list. Some days I am far too wrapped up in everything else, and put things off. Those 10 minutes could be the game changer, and the difference from getting a little something done to nothing!

6. Be more mindful
If we all did one nice thing for someone else every day, think how much nicer the world would be. It could be opening the door for someone, offering a friend a lift, or giving someone a smile and a hello. It doesn’t have to be big, but the little things can really make someone else’s day. So my aim is to think more of other people and to listen more too.

7. Have more family time
It is far too easy with so many jobs to do and so many roles to play, to not spend enough time with our loved ones. So this year we are booking days in, making set rest and family days and appreciating what is really important in life.

So your goal tonight is to write down some changes you’d like to make this year. Make them small and achievable and grow on them throughout the year. Small changes make the biggest impact.

Be inspired this year, think positive and make it a good one!

Emma x