Wedding Venue Styling in LincolnshireSo you are engaged to be married and have your venue booked, invites at the ready and are looking at venue styling, amongst a million other things!

From past experience it sometimes and quite often seems that you say the word ‘wedding’ and suddenly prices go up and up! Weddings fast become very expensive occasions, after all Brides (and Grooms) want a ‘perfect’ day. Throw in the fact that you are only going to do it once (hopefully) and it makes you part with far more money than you probably intended.

The average cost of a wedding is still standing at a staggering £21,000! But I see far more Brides to be hunting for DIY wedding ideas and how to do a wedding on a budget, myself included (and that was 5 years ago!). I wanted the perfect day but we couldn’t afford to spend a huge amount on our wedding and neither did we want to. To us spending £21,000 on one day of our lives seemed insane! Especially when you start to think of what else that could buy you… In the end our wedding still ended up costing far more than we intended but costs really do add up and spiral out of control.

So the point to this blog post is to announce some very exciting news for Emma Lane Designs. I have over the years accumulated and purchased some rather lovely vintage and shabby chic items and also have some fabulous handmade items that compliment them beautifully and would make stunning accessories to style any event. After a few months of trying to set up all the backgrounds bits and pieces, I am now able to offer a prop hire service as part of my small business. Yay!

I have always loved weddings, other occasions too, but as with a lot of women I imagine, weddings hold a sparkle in my heart! And my dream for a long while has been to help other DIY brides out there. So this is my chance….

So I am calling out to the Brides of Lincolnshire who are looking for their perfect vintage styled wedding but on a budget. I see many Brides buying accessories in order to cut down costs and style their wedding by themselves. But vintage style items are increasing in popularity and the cost of them to buy is therefore often not that cheap! So save yourself the hassle of hunting for them and save yourself the expense, and the need after your wedding to find something to do with them or sell them on, simply hire them from me at a fraction of the purchase cost.

I have a small stock of items that is ever growing, so if you don’t see something you are after, it may be something I already have or that I can get hold of for you. The aim of this is still for you to style your own event but to get all the necessary accessories and props you need from one place!

So give me a shout if you think I can help, I don’t bite and I won’t pin you down to make sure you hire from me!

Emma x