10 unique ways to ask will you be my bridesmaid?Your fiancé has popped the question and you are getting married, congratulations! There are so many things to do, but first why not take your turn to do the proposing? It’s time to call in the girls and ask your special friends and loved ones to be your bridesmaids.

As they are likely to be helping you with the planning, organising you on the day and holding your dress whilst you pee, then why not treat them with an extra special and unique proposal to make them feel special and loved.

If you are looking for inspiration then check out these brilliant ideas that I have found:

1. A simple card is an inexpensive option and this keepsake card is a card and gift in one! A stunning card with the wording of your choice and a personalised wooden keepsake that she can treasure forever.

Will you be my bridesmaid card







2.  I love having an element of surprise to asking the question and this mug from Gemma Wightman Ceramics is fantastic, simply make her a cup of tea, sit down and chat away, when she reaches the end, she won’t know what to say….! Well hopefully yes of course!

maid 9





3. Or what about this unique scratch card to conceal the question of Will you be my Bridesmaid? It’s sure to ‘win’ her over! (Ha ha sorry couldn’t resist!)

maid 10





4. Fancy a drink, then get the girls together and crack open a bottle of wine. Pop the question to your girls with this personalised wine bottle label.

maid 7





5. Introduce some balloon fun with these fantastic personalised balloons from White Knot. It will leave her breathless! (I’m sorry I’m on fire with these puns!)

maid 3





6. What girl doesn’t love jewellery! Say it with a gift, like this beautiful necklace from Wedding in a Tea Cup. The perfect keepsake gift for your bridesmaids, they could even wear it on your special day.

maid 6





7. Make it a challenge with this personalised jigsaw puzzle. She won’t expect it to reveal the question of Will you be my bridesmaid? Lots of fun for little flower girls too!maid 1






8. A personalised fortune cookie could conceal a proposal? A delicious treat and fabulous surprise all in one!

maid 4




9. Picture it! Go to a photo booth or et your partner to take pictures of you holding the words ‘Will you be my Bridesmaid?’ Either in one picture or on separate pictures, a great keepsake for your friend to keep!














10. Treat your girls to a spa day or a fabulous day out somewhere of your choosing. This is what I did for my girls, I took them both to a spa for the day and then popped the question whilst they were there. It was a fabulous girly day.


Whatever you decide, make sure you enjoy the moment and every one thereafter of your planning. A wedding is a big milestone in your lives and one to be treasured.

For more ideas visit my Pinterest board.

Emma x